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In the middle of January, everything seems to get a bit richer.  While it’s still weirdly in the 70’s in Atlanta, we all seem to be enjoying the season’s more savory food, and heavier wines to go with it.  In answer to this, we’ve chosen some lovely reds that will satisfy Winter’s call.  Enjoy!

This week’s Flight Night begins on Wednesday January 18th, and the wines and their tapas will be available through January 24th.



First, SOHO will pour a 2014 Owen Roe Sharecropper Cabernet, from Columbia Valley, and offers the following tasting notes,

“Dominant Graham cracker aroma with fruity under notes leading to more graham cracker flavor on the palate with only a moderate amount of fruit. Finish is substantially dry with dark chocolate and green fruit notes.”

Next, SOHO will pour a 2014 Franklin Tate Cabernet/Merlot from Margaret River.  The wine is described as,

“Regional notes of bay leaf, eucalypt and dry, tannins are supported by a lush and vibrant blue and black fruit backbone that continues on the palate for what seems like a lifetime. Absolutely delicious.”

Finally, SOHO will pour a 2013 Folie à Deux Cabernet from Alexander Valley.  The winemaker says,

“Aromas of black currant, cherry, dark plum and violets are balanced by notes of sage, fennel, olives, black tea and tobacco—all layered over soft, fine-grained tannins.”

SOHO’s Executive Chef, Jeff Sigler, has created a suggested tapa plate to pair with each of the wines!

2014 Owen Roe Sharecropper Cabernet
Paired with: Tuna Nicoise Tartar: Black Olive Purée, Tomato, Haricot Verts

2014 Franklin Tate Cabernet/Merlot
Paired with: Beet, Strawberry, and Goat Cheese Tart

2013 Folie à Deux Cabernet
Paired with: Short Rib Stuffed Marrow Bone, Bread Crumbs, Herb Salad

Sample each wine in a flight (three three-ounce glasses) for $14.25. Or, pair the flight with a tapa plate for $19. Try a full glass of wine and tapa plate for $13. Of course, the wines and tapas are available individually as well ($9.50/glass and $6.50/tapas).

We can’t wait to see you!