I had a friend once who struggled with Daylight Saving Time.  Being a stickler for details, she’d remind people it was, in fact, Daylight Saving Time.  Not Savings.  Saving.  Got it?   She was extremely bright and capable, but she thought the “savings account” inference was wretchedly confusing.  She wanted to understand where the hour went.  After brief discussion, however, she’d let it go with a shrug.  Maybe the German term “sommerzeit” would have made it easier.  Simply translated, summer time, makes a bit more sense.  Just like Eastern, Central or Mountain Time.

E.D. and I lost touch after a while, but prior to the arrival of each new Spring, while setting my clocks ahead, I wonder how she is faring in her new life and wonder if she was ever able to reconcile the timekeeping aspect of sommerzeit.  And it reminds me that whether springing forward or falling back, we should cherish the now and take a moment during our busy day to smile and smell the spring flowers, because time is precious, no matter how it’s measured. And after all, we’ll be falling back before you know it.  I hope you enjoy your summer time!

ImagePhoto courtesy of Library of Congress