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SOHO is serving up two new pasta dishes sure to delight diner's palates.


First, we've added an Apple and Sausage Ravioli that has been earning rave reviews from guests. The dish features eight raviolis topped with browned butter cream. The raviolis are garnished with crisped sausage, sage, and an apple cider drizzle. The pasta is filling without being too heavy and has a nice balance of sweet and spicy flavors. Interested in pairing the pasta with a glass of wine? SOHO's resident wine expert, Lars Snavley, recommends pairing the dish with the Rosenblum Zinfandel offered on SOHO's wine list.

SOHO has also add a new vegetarian entree to the menu. The plate is sure to satisfy all diners – vegetarian or not. The dish features edamame ravioli tossed with shiitake mushrooms and snow peas in a coconut curry cream sauce. Trust me when I say the edamame ravioli, a traditional ravioli stuffed with edamame paste, is not to be missed!

We hope you stopped in soon and try the latest offerings from SOHO's kitchen.