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At SOHO, guests will find not only food to please the palate, but artwork aimed at pleasing the eye. Recently, we've updated the art adorning the restaurant walls and the fantastic pieces each add the ambiance of the restaurant.

The contemporary portraits of Cheryl Burgess greet guests as they enter the restaurant. Her large-scale "ladies" series features works such as "Lady with Flowers" and "Lady with Hat."

IMG_1710 Cheryl Burgess, "Lady with Flowers"

Guests dining in the bar will find the work of local contemporary figurative artist Priscilla Nelson catching their eye. The majority of Nelson’s work explores textiles and clothing, and how they convey moods and attitudes. Nelson says that her early inspiration came from her love of “people watching” and studying how individuals are able to exude such varied attitudes through what they wear or don’t wear. Two of Nelson's pieces, "Golden Girl" and "Moonlight Chill", currently hang at SOHO.

10337_396271m Priscilla Nelson, "Golden Girl"

Guests dining in SOHO's sunny "Pace Room" will find the art of Atlanta artist Laura Bowman and her "Angels" series. The themes of Laura's work include independence, repetition, isolation and the spiritual co-existence between nature and mankind. Laura's unique style blends texture and multi-layered compositions with monochromatic hues and carefully selected color.

Angel%20in%20Prayer Laura Bowman, "Angel in Prayer"
Please join us at SOHO soon to soak up the atmosphere provided by wonderful local artists.