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The chefs at SOHO continue to create great culinary experiences for our guests – the latest is a new item for our lunch menu, a curry chicken salad sandwich. The sandwich features a curry chicken salad made of red grapes, toasted pecans, mustard, mayonnaise, curry and dill. The curry chicken salad is stuffed inside a fresh pita, along with arugula and tomato – and it is simply delicious. The sandwich is available Monday through Friday on SOHO’s lunch menu. Please stop in and try it soon!


Peach salad SOHO's peach salad


This week, SOHO’s chefs will be offering two tasty and light summer dishes as specials at dinner. The first dish is a fresh peach salad featuring balsamic glazed peaches, pecans, sweet potato chips and mixed greens tossed in a white balsamic vinaigrette.


Next, SOHO will offer prosciutto e melone. This classic Italian dish features prosciutto di parma layered over fresh cantaloupe and drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. The saltiness of the prosciutto blended with the sweetness of the cantaloupe makes this a can't miss dish.


The peach salad and prosciutto e melone will be available at dinner beginning Wednesday evening and lasting through the weekend. We hope you’ll dine with us soon!