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SOHO will finish its Italian tour on flight night Wednesday, March 31.

Vineyards_in_Valpolicella Vineyards in Valpolicella 

This week, SOHO will first pour a 2008 Maso Canali Pinot Grigio. Pinot Grigio grapes have been grown on the Maso Canali estate since 1893. SOHO’s resident wine expert, Lars Snavely, notes the winery produces a unique Pinot Grigio due to two factors – the grapes are all from late harvests and 8% are dried on racks for eight weeks, then vinified and added to the final blend. The result is a rich, deep and complex wine.


SOHO will also pour a 2007 Zenato Valpolicella Classico Superiore this week. The family owned and operated Zenato winery produces one of the best Valpolicellas on the market, according to Lars. Finally, SOHO will pour an Il Borro “Pian di Nova.”  Owned by Ferruccio Ferragamo (well-known for luxury goods such as shoes and handbags), the vineyard produces exceptional Super-Tuscan wines, including the “Pian di Nova,” which offers a full bodied taste with a spicy, fruity finish.


SOHO’s Chef Joe has prepared three new tapas plates to pair with each Italian wine. The following will be available until April 7:


2008 Maso Canali Pinot Grigio, Trentino, Italy

91.6% Pinot Grigio, 8.4.% Chardonnay

Seafood stew of shrimp, mussels, mahi, and calamari in a saffron broth


2007 Zenato Valpolicella Classico Superiore, Veneto, Italy

80% Corvina, 10% Rondinella, 10% Sangiovese

Rosemary-grilled flat iron steak with goat’s cheese potatoes and a red wine jus


Il Borro “Pian di Nova”, Arezzo, Italy

75% Syrah, 25% Sangiovese

Grilled elk tenderloin with butternut squash and a balsamic jus


Sample each wine in a flight (three three-ounce glasses and a cheese plate) for $18. Or, pair a wine and tapas for $12. Of course, the wines and tapas are available individually as well ($9/glass and $6/tapas). Please join us this week for a taste of Italy!