The passing of Thanksgiving means the season of gift giving has arrived. Perhaps you’ve already selected the perfect gifts for your loved ones but, if not, I thought I'd share three memorable and creative gift ideas.


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First, how can you go wrong with free food? Baked goods are almost always appreciated. SOHO’s recipes for pound cake and chocolate bread pudding might be of use for this gift. Or, try a classic like chocolate chip cookies (here's a collection of recipes from the Food Network). After you’ve finished baking, simply package in plastic wrap and add a festive ribbon.


Another idea is to give an IOU. Whether offering an evening of baby-sitting, a car wash in the spring, or a night in with a home cooked meal, it’s hard not to appreciate this gift. You can write the IOU inside a traditional holiday card – or check out the IOU template on


Finally, consider giving a recipe scrapbook if you are gifting a foodie. Pick up a blank scrapbook at a local store (Target has a few good ones). Then, simply include your favorite recipes and/or recipes that have special meaning for the recipient. You could also reach out to family and other friends and ask them to contribute a recipe as well, noting who contributed each recipe within the book.


Have a great holiday gift idea? Please let me know in the comments section!


Happy Holidays!