As the holiday season kicks into high gear this week, SOHO is celebrating by adding a new cocktail to the menu. We will be offering "The Grinch" through the end of December.


Grinch(eddie)Eddie – SOHO owners Frank and Susan Smith's beloved dog


Our bartenders will be happy to serve up "The Grinch" for you at the restaurant – or perhaps you'll decide to try one at home. Here's the recipe:


The Grinch

1 oz citrus vodka (SOHO uses Ketel One Citron)

1 oz cranberry vodka (SOHO uses Finlandia Cranberry)

3/4 oz Midori

Splash of white cranberry juice


Shake vodka, Midori and juice together with ice. Strain into a martini glass and garnish with a cherry (a symbol for the Grinch’s changed heart!). Enjoy! 


The holidays aren’t complete without a delicious treat or two – whether a unique cocktail or a favorite dessert. So, in addition to "The Grinch" recipe, I thought I’d pass along a link to some great cookie recipes. Gourmet magazine’s website offers favorite cookie recipes from 1941 – 2008. Ranging from a gingerbread cookie recipe from 1959 to a pistachio cranberry icebox cookie recipe from 2006, the roundup offers plenty of sugary delights to try.


Happy holidays!