Flight night on Wednesday, October 7, will feature more Italian delights. This week, we are traveling to the islands of Sicily and Sardinia.



Sardinia produces a number of popular wines, including cannonau and vermentino. Whichever varietal you sip from Sardinia, you are enjoying the fruits of some very old vines. In 2004, researchers in Sardinia discovered the remains of vines and sediment dating back to 1200 B.C. It had been thought that Sardinia’s vines were imported from Mesopotamia, but DNA testing proved the vines were native to the land, making the grapes found on the island the oldest in the world. Neighboring island Sicily has long been renowned for producing great wines, due to largely to its soil, which is ideal for wine growing, but almost useless for the cultivation of other crops. This week, influenced by Sicily and Sardinia, SOHO will offer the following wine and tapas:


2007 Argiolas Costamolino, Vermentino, Sardinia

Cous cous con pesce. Tomato white fish stew served with cous cous.


2002 Agricola Punica, Barrua, Sardinia

Involtini di Melanzane. Eggplant stuffed with goat cheese and baked with marinara sauce and mozzarella.


2004 Saia, Nero D’Avola, Sicily

Braised beef roll stuffed with pancetta and sausage. Simmered in a spicy tomato broth.


The wine and tapas will be available through October 13. Guests can enjoy the entire flight for $18 or pair a wine and tapas for $12. The wines and tapas are available individually as well ($10/glass and $6/tapas). See you soon!