Over the past few weeks, I’ve written about the latest beers and cocktails added to SOHO’s menu. This week, I wanted to highlight one of our longtime menu gems – the SOHO cheese plate.


Cheese plate (post) 

SOHO Cheese Plate

Before I delve into the details of SOHO’s cheese plate, I thought I’d share two of the entertaining cheese-related facts I came across while preparing this post. 


• You can take a cheese profiler quiz here and find out which cheese best suits your personality.
• In 2007, over 1.7 million people around the world logged on to cheddarvision.tv to watch a 44-pound round of cheddar maturing. Nicknamed “wedginald”, the cheese was eventually auctioned off for charity. Today, cheese-lovers can log on to the site and watch the progress of “cheddwood.”


Hopefully, this trivia has whetted your appetite and you are ready to experience great cheese! SOHO selects fine hand-crafted cheeses to be featured on the cheese plate and the offerings change regularly. Guests dining this week will enjoy the following:

Sant Gil D’Albio
Semi-hard aged goat’s cheese from Catalonia, Spain
St. André triple crème Brie
Soft cow’s milk from France
P’tite Basque
Semi-soft sheep’s milk from France
Foglie de Noce
Walnut-wrapped pecorino from Tuscany, Italy

Of course, cheese pairs well with wine, so feel free to try the cheese plate ($9) with one of the many varietals we offer. Our servers and bartenders are always ready to make a recommendation. See you soon!